Emergency Services and Shelter Case Management

The Fairbanks Rescue Mission serves homeless men, women, and children from not only the city of Fairbanks but also the entire Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) community and the outlying rural areas. The Mission operates the only overnight men's and women's emergency shelter in Interior Alaska (an area the size of Texas). We play a key role in the life of our community.

Lives are changed at the Fairbanks Rescue Mission every day. These are men and women just like you and me, with families and children like ours. Somewhere, somehow, hard times came and they need a place to for a helping hand.

The Mission tries to meet both the spiritual and physical needs in helping needs towards restoration -- to a correct relationship with God and a productive relationship within our society. Long-term transformation is the Mission's goal. Some of our ministries that are centered on this are our Christian services and our Genesis Recovery Program

Emergency services includes three hot meals, a bed each night, clothing, and a safe environment for a period not to exceed 180 days from the initial check-in date.

Each individual who spends more than 30 days at the Mission will be required to choose a program. Many of the emergency shelter clients will go into the 30-60-90 Transitional Program.  This approach keeps the client's focus on moving out of the shelter, overcoming the circumstances, and gives clients tools and information about our community. The shelter is guided by