30-60-90 Transitional Program

The 30-60-90 Program at the Fairbanks Rescue Mission is a three-phase transitional program designed to celebrate small successes on the journey to ending chronic homelessness in the lives of our residents.

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In the first 30 days at the shelter, the resident decides if they want to enter a program at the Mission. If the resident chooses the 30-60-90 Program, he or she completes the first set of tasks and move on to the next phase. Some examples of these tasks are signing up for public housing or Medicaid.


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The 2nd phase, the next 60 days, focuses on the individual’s specific needs: perhaps  obtaining identification or employment or signing up for services to assist with living independently with disabilities. This stage could be as simple as following a budget to save money and estimating costs for apartments. 

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In the last 90 days, we offer classes at the Mission that residents are asked to attend. Some examples might be: Grief and Trauma, Ready to Rent (rental housing education), money management classes, etc.
The resident prepares for transitioning to live outside the Mission.

I feel like I did more in the last 30 days than I have done in my whole life.
— Woman staying in shelter in 30 day phase

The 30-60-90 program at the Fairbanks Rescue Mission was created to come alongside residents who frequently use the shelter, have experienced homelessness for years, are overcoming tragedy and abuse, or are going to be staying at the shelter for over 30 days. 

The program provides case management to help residents develop a long-term plan for living independently outside the Rescue Mission.  It is designed to celebrate small successes on the way to ending chronic homelessness in the lives of many residents.  

While the residents are here, we wish to encourage and support them to thrive out in the community. After the residents transition out of the Mission, our goal is to continue the relationship built with them in a new capacity as they become volunteers and mentors of new residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about guests with severe mental illnesses?

Staff members and volunteers are on hand to help residents with various barriers fill out paperwork or develop a goal plan with more scaffolding. The Mission serves residents who may be visually-impaired, hearing-impaired, developmentally disabled, or suffering from mental illness, among many other difficulties. Other agencies, such as Access Alaska and Department of Vocational Rehabilitation are huge community assets and are instrumental in assisting these individuals obtain services and housing.

What is the limit to the shelter stay?

The shelter stay is limited to 180 days or 6 months. If you are referring someone to stay at the Mission, please keep in mind that this is not a long-term housing option.

How do I contact someone about this program?

Call 907-452-5343 and ask to speak to the 30-60-90 Transitional Program Manager or email admin@fairbanksrescuemission.org. To download a brochure, click here.