Christian Ministry

The most important we do at the Fairbanks Rescue Mission is impart the love of God and knowledge of His Word to our residents. There are opportunities for ministry for Bible study leaders, chapel service speakers, and music ministry. 

Men's and Women's Chapel Service Time     6:00PM-7:00PM

Christian Ministry Volunteers come 1-3 times a month to minister to the residents of the Fairbanks Rescue Mission. Ministry through music and an interactive discussion is greatly encouraged. Also, ministers can arrive early and eat dinner at 5:30pm with the residents and encourage them to attend chapel. 


Men's and Women's Bible Studies Time        10:30AM-11:30AM

Christian ministry volunteers come usually every week to lead men or women Genesis Recovery programmers through a Bible study time. Many of these programmers have endured great trauma in their lives and need someone who will minister grace, love, and God's truth to them.



If you want to pray with us at the Mission, we pray in the Administrative Entrance at 10:00 am every morning Monday through Friday.  


Rev David Phillips 907-452-5343 
Ext 111