(Homeless Veteran's Program) F.A.I.T.H

F.A.I.T.H (Finding Alternatives In Treating Homelessness) 

The FAITH (Finding Alternatives In Treating Homelessness) Program is innovative in its approach to the care and rehabilitation of homeless veterans because of its focus on sustained employment as the means to end hopelessness. The program utilizes a case management approach which directly assists homeless veterans, as well as provides critical linkages to a variety of supportive services available in the Fairbanks and outlying communities. It focuses on meaningful job placements to help with job retention and includes follow up efforts to ensure that those who find employment and housing have the resources they need to avoid returning to homelessness. Download FAITH Program Brochure.

Support Services for Veteran Families (S.S.V.F.)

Photo by Susan Chiang/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Susan Chiang/iStock / Getty Images

The goal of the SSVF Program is to promote housing stability among very low in-income Veteran families who reside in or are transitioning to permanent housing.

The SSVF Program provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Obtaining VA Benefits

  • Temporary assistance for benefits such as:

  • Child Care Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Rental or Utilities Assistance

  • Security or Utility Deposits

  • Moving Cost

  • Emergency Supplies

Case Management

SSVF utilizes a case management approach which directly assists low income veteran families to transitions  or maintain permanent housing. SSVF also provides critical linkage to a variety of supportive services available in the community and outlying areas.

A case manager can assist in addressing the following areas.

  • Health Care Services

  • Daily Living Services

  • Personal and Financial Planning

  • Transportation

  • Income Support

  • Fiduciary and Representative Payee Services

  • Legal Services

  • Child Care

  • Housing Counseling

The SSVF (Support Services for Veteran Families) Program is a collaborative partnership between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Fairbanks Rescue Mission - and exists to assist Veteran families in establishing or maintaining permanent housing.

“VA is committed to ending Veteran homelessness by the end of 2015.
No one who has served our country should ever go without a safe, stable place to call home.”
— -U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


To learn more about SSVF Program, please contact our SSVF Staff at (907) 452-5343 ext. 115. A case manager will walk applicants through a series of questions to assess overall needs and goals. Applicants will be connected with other supportive services to accomplish the goal of housing stability. 

Download SSFV Brochure