Update: 29 August 2017

We are moving our recycling operation over to the borough's new Central Recycling Facility (CRF)  this week! It will open on September 1st! We are still doing the business recycling pickups, but no drop-offs anymore at the 27th Ave location. After 9 years and 11,000,000 pounds recycled, we are pleased to assist the borough in this new endeavor for recycling in Fairbanks! Here is the new sorting guide used by the borough's CRF. 

Address: 1855 Marika St

Phone: 907-374-6616


WE ALSO DO RECYCLING PICK UPS FOR BUSINESSES! This is a great income stream for the Mission and helps save the environment at the same time. 



Update: 31 January 2017

We are very excited to have been chosen by the borough to operate their community-wide Recycling Center scheduled to open July 2017! This is an amazing opportunity for us to continue our Green Collar job training program and to continue practically a decade of providing recycling to our community.

In the meantime, we are still taking the same materials as we have before: Plastic 1 & 2, Cardboard, Mixed Paper, & Aluminum Cans. 

The borough is working to have the new center open, at which time the materials being accepted will be expanded.

Update: 08 December 2016

Through the winter, Fairbanks Rescue Mission is continuing recycling services. We are in discussions with the Fairbanks North Star Borough. 

Update: 02 June 2016

Yes, it’s true! We are continuing to keep recycling going in our community until the end of the year. We agreed to continue recycling until the Fairbanks North Star Borough is ready to open their planned community-wide Recycling Center. The community has always been so excited and supportive of our program and we didn’t want to leave you without an opportunity to recycle. We did this for you because of what you have being doing for us. We are still taking the same materials at the same place. You can continue to support us by recycling, donating, and helping to get the word out. We’re still moving forward with our next business venture. Stay tuned for more news! Happy Recycling!   

  • Almost 11 million pounds kept out of the landfill since 2009! 
  • The Recycling Center at the Mission processes 49 tons  of material a month. 
  • An average of 300 cars drop off material per week.
  • The Recycling Center picks up materials for over 22 businesses.

We would like to invite you to support the Mission by bringing your recyclables to the new Central Recycling Facility. Recycling is good for the environment and for our city. When you recycle, you are doing more than just recycling materials, you are helping us provide shelter meals, a bed to sleep in, and a hot shower, as well as job training to our residents. The principal goal of the Mission's involvement in this project is to help our community's homeless and disadvantaged gain job skills and career counseling. From this goal stems the following three outcomes:


  •  Reduces the amount of waste entering our landfills;

  •  Conserves our natural resources; and

  •  Reduces energy consumption and pollution.


  • Provides job training and skill building for our community’s homeless;

  • Provides free recycling service for local businesses and Interior residents; and

  • Teaches the community about the merits of recycling and  compassion for the disadvantaged.


  • Provides income for the Mission; and

  • Reduces landfill and solid waste costs for the Fairbanks North Star  Borough

Hours of Operation

The borough's new Central Recycling Facility hours are Monday-Friday 12PM-5:30PM and Saturday 9AM-5PM.
Local businesses may set up a monthly pick up from the Fairbanks Rescue Mission for the cost of $50 per pick-up. For more information, please contact the Recycling Center Operations Manager by Email at fairbanks.recycling@gmail.com or call 907-374-6616.