UPDATE: We raised the funds to raise the roof! $26,255!! Thank you so much for contributing. 

We are raising money for a new roof! And we have a donor that will match up to $10,000. Every $10, $20, $50 and $100 helps! We will be posting updates, but we just need around $20,000 total because of other generous funders! Donate to the cause!

WHY: Over the past years, we have been making many repairs to the roof that have been costly and taking funds away from the operation of the Mission. With this new funding project, the roof will finally be fixed and we can focus our funds towards helping the people staying with us. 

WHEN: This Summer! The funds need to be completely raised by the beginning of July! The project is weather-dependent and will take 4-8 weeks. We want to get it done before the snow flies!

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