Homeless Connect 2016

We’re bringing community resources under one roof to help serve veterans the best we can.
— Steven Sabens, FRM Grant Per Diem Program Director

This event in January provided services to over 230 individuals facing homelessness in our Fairbanks community.  Many different agencies in the community were there to provide services and lend a listening ear. Several of our residents at the Fairbanks Rescue Mission went and were able to get haircuts, eye glasses, backpacks, blood pressure checks, etc. This video was shot by Hybrid Media Consulting and includes interviews from representatives of different organizations. Steven Sabens, our Grant Per Diem Program Director, was on hand to talk about services for veterans and our monthly Vet OneStop events. At 10:02 of the video, Steven Sabens speaks more about our veterans programs. 

Project Homeless Connect 2016 was tremendous success, we were able to serve 230 homeless in our Fairbanks community.