Fishin' for the Mission

Ryan Talvi (Trokia fishing vessel), Rodney Gaskins (FRM Executive Director) and Moe Mutakabbir (FRM Kitchen Manager) with 2,000 lbs. Sockeye salmon.

Ryan Talvi (Trokia fishing vessel), Rodney Gaskins (FRM Executive Director) and Moe Mutakabbir (FRM Kitchen Manager) with 2,000 lbs. Sockeye salmon.

Fishin' for the Mission is a collaborative effort between the Troika fishing vessel, Trident Seafoods, Everts Air Cargo and the Fairbanks Rescue Mission, by which the community of Fairbanks is supplied with over 2,000 pounds of wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Since 2008, Bristol Bay Driftnet fisherman, Ryan Talvi, and Trident Seafoods, have endeavored to bring the life giving nutrients of Sockeye salmon to the Fairbanks Rescue Mission, where the salmon is stewarded to other agencies in the Fairbanks community.

These Two-thousand pounds of graciously donated Sockeye salmon translates into over 5,500 high nutrition meals for the people of Fairbanks. The Rescue Mission serves 3 meals a day open to anyone and everyone who wishes to break bread together at the Rescue Mission. In 2018, the Rescue Mission was able to provide 54,645 meals with the help of kitchen staff, volunteers, residents and donors.

Fishin’ for the Mission is an example of how people can choose to have a positive effect where a need is seen.

Troika fishing vessel and crew have the easy job of catching the Sockeye salmon; however, the logistical obstacles multiply after the harvesting. Offloading, processing, packaging, flash freezing and cold storage demand infrastructure and labor. Trident Seafoods has always stepped up to the plate in donating their resources and making Fishin' for the Mission a reality to provide Fairbanks with the best Sockeye salmon on the planet.

We also would like to give a special thanks to the following:

§  Vic Scheibert who initiated Trident Seafood's participation with Fishin' for the Mission in 2008 and continues as Trident Seafood's president of Alaska operations.

§  Greg Hathaway (Trident Seafood's Naknek Plant Manager) who approves and commands the onsite efforts required.

§  Luke Forrestor (Naknek Plant Assistant Manager) who leads the hands and feet that make this donation a reality.

Many hands make light of much work. Thank you Trident Seafoods.

Air freight and cold storage is always an obstacle for Fishin' for the Mission. In July of 2019, Ryan hit a wall regarding the transport of a possible salmon donation. Ryan and team Troika caught the fish and Trident Seafoods was willing to do their part, but moving over 2,000 lbs. of frozen Sockeye salmon from King Salmon to Fairbanks is difficult to accommodate during the busy July fishing season.

 After a quick prayer and a call to Jill Bingman of sales at Everts Air Cargo, the logistical challenge of transport was overcome. Jill and Luke Forrestor (of Trident Seafoods) worked together in lining up delivery of the salmon for shipment from King Salmon to Anchorage, Alaska. Thank you Jill Bingman for your consideration and action which enabled the completion of this year’s venture. And thank you to the amazing generosity of Everts Air Cargo's local Fairbanks owners Robert Everts and family over 2,000 lbs. of frozen Sockeye salmon was flown free from King Salmon to Anchorage and then trucked free to Fairbanks, where the helpful Everts Air Cargo team kept the salmon in cold storage for final pickup by the Fairbanks Rescue Mission.

Ryan would like to thank all the people of Trident Seafoods, Everts Air Cargo and Fairbanks Rescue Mission who have chosen to initiate, coordinate and collaborate with determined exuberance to provide "a hand up" for our Fairbanks community through the sustenance of wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon. Ryan says that many of the people who make up the hands and feet of this effort have expressed that they themselves, their friends or family members have struggled with hard times and even homelessness.

Ryan noted, "When they know that this venture brings good food to the hungry, to our brothers and sisters who need our help, I see a spark of urgency in their eyes. This is justice. Rendering honor and dignity to every human life no matter what their state may be. Therefore, this was made possible by the grace of God. This is the justice that pays it forward. Justice that emanates from our Creator whose image and likeness we are created in. All people have the dignity of life whether they know it or not. Jesus paid his life, while we were fallen, in order to make available our fullest potential of existence through HIM by our freewill. I believe that Jesus said, "If you love me than feed my sheep."

I believe that Jesus said, “If you love me than feed my sheep.”