A "Must-Win"!

A "Must-Win"!

Now, eight years since the Rescue Mission's operation began and with the borough government running the program that could very well expand further, the result is clear. He won.

Joshua Community Projects Update (Community Support)

Over the past few months, we have made a tremendous amount of progress on the Joshua House Community Project. With the support of Fairbanks Rescue Mission staff and many others, we have the floors, walls, and roof of the first cabin in place and we have established a safe and efficient procedures. With that said, we are now accepting volunteer service inquiries from local businesses or organization who are interested in supporting this endeavor. Please fill out the inquiry form below and we will be in contact you as soon as possible.

Our first set of volunteers arrived from Virginia on July 11, 2017, and they have provided us with much needed support and help. 

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Rodney Gaskins, our Executive Director, will be holding a leadership training on January 27th. 

RECOVERY PROGRAM TRAINING: Austin Brown, our Recovery Program Direction, will be leading a workshop on recovery processes and how we can heal from our brokenness. The dates for the training are January 30th-February 3rd. Call 452-5343 x2209 for more information.