Are you numb?

Seeing social problems in our community will either cause us to act or become numb to them. 

Change happens when we can look beyond ourselves to the hurting people around us and compassion drives us to do something.  A community changes when it owns the struggles of its people instead of depending on government agencies to care for its citizens.  The Fairbanks Rescue Mission is an agent of change because those whose hearts are broken for the hurting have decided to act.  

What injustice or need are you passionate about?   Is it a neglected child, a struggling single mom, the mentally ill, the fresh out of prison, the addicted, the lonely, the forgotten elderly?  These are a few of the struggles that we help people through.  These struggles have names, faces and stories.

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Angela - A mother who came to the Mission, afraid of losing custody of her five boys.  She completed our Recovery Program and now has a good job, a home, her boys, and is helping other people find recovery.  

Michael - A 47-year old man with many years of prison in his past.  Because of our Recovery Program and his hard work he is now engaged to be married, self-employed and thanking God for this new lease on life.

Denice -  A single mom who served 10 years in the military and then left her military career to care for her two daughters.   She was holding it all together until she lost her job.  She ended up coming to the Mission because of our Veteran programs, but mostly because we are faith-based.  Now she has a home for her girls, a stable job, and the secure future she deserves. 

We have all had rough patches in our lives and we know they don’t define who we are. People initially come to the Mission seeking shelter, safety and food.  However, it is through relationship, hearing their stories, and sharing hope that we are able to provide the help and encouragement they need to regain their lives.

Homelessness is a community issue and we are asking the community to come alongside us at the Fairbanks Rescue Mission.  Our love for all that come to our doors is unlimited, but our finances are not.  For just $25,  the Fairbanks Rescue Mission can provide three meals; a safe, clean place to sleep; and case management for one person for one night.  

It’s easy to give.  To give any amount, just text FRMGive to 41444 to donate today or give on our website at

The only thing easier to do is to imagine these people don’t exist . . . and do nothing.

Thank you,

Rodney Gaskins, Executive Director