Road to the Mission

“I might have been drunk but I was still in the Bible and God was with me.”


Euphrasia’s laugh is loud and contagious. Her smile is brilliant. Her cheerful demeanor hides a very painful past. She was born in Tanana and grew up in Kaltag, Tacoma WA, and Fairbanks. Alcohol has devastated her family. While Euphrasia was an infant, her mother left her father and before she was ten her grandma and then her father were murdered. She lived in foster homes and an adoptive home but her childhood was filled with physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse. She says, “So I acted out and had trouble with authority, but no one helped.” She entered adulthood sorely prepared. Euphrasia says, “I was easily talked into things because I was so longing for love. I didn't want to be alone and lonely.” She had years of abusive men and used alcohol and drugs to block and cover the pain. She says, “I was always walking on eggshells, never sure what would start the next beating.” She ended up in jail after the man she was with talked her into signing a stolen check. It was in jail that she had her daughter, who was born premature with cocaine withdrawal. In spite of her longing to provide her child with two parents, something she never had, and her determination to earn her daughter back from the Office of Children Services, she ended up losing custody of her daughter. Then she gave up. She lost all hope and felt she had no reason to live. “I just got up to go drink.” She hit rock bottom when her sister put her out.

She came into the Mission in November of 2013 and entered the Genesis Recovery Program. It was really hard for her to work the program. There were so many people and so much was required. She left the Mission in May and relapsed within 4 hours. But those months in the Mission had changed her. She said, “I might have been drunk but I was still in the Bible and God was with me.” She was out for 10 days and then came back. She said it felt so good to be back, like coming home. She restarted the Genesis Program and says now, “If it wasn't for this program, well, it saved my life.” She is so thankful to have this place to heal and figure out how she was shaped by all the things that have happened to her. “Drinking has led to terrible choices and pain for my family. Now that I’m sober I can face the past and try to mend it.” She sees hope and happiness in her future and knows, “God has great plans for me.” She wants to go to school so she can get a job helping people and she wants a spiritual family that places God first. Please pray for these things for Euphrasia. She asked also for prayer for comfort and hope as she continues to walk her healing journey and that she won’t let circumstances discourage her in her walk of faith. Seems like a good prayer for any of us. 

By: Michelle Harpole